The successor to Daniel Vettori

A Piece for HoldingWilley on the similarities between Mitchell Santner and the legendary Daniel Vettori. Although they are a lot alike in many aspects, Santner has an edge over the Legend- an X-Factor. Click Here to Read it on  


Virat Kohli 2.0

An Opinion Piece for HoldingWilley on the transformation of Virat Kohli as a Test batsman and Captain. It is certainly a new version of India's Premier batsman Kohli that we have seen in 2016 so far. In Technical terms it can be termed as an Upgraded version- Version 2.0! Click here to Read it on  

A very English improvement

An Opinion Piece for HoldingWilley on the improvement that England had shown in the first Test against India at Rajkot after their horrible tour of Bangladesh.Nobody expected anything miraculous from England as soon as they set their foot on Indian soil, marking the beginning of the long tour against the Asian giants. This was not the same England that … Continue reading A very English improvement

South Africa’s very own Gilchrist

A Piece for HoldingWilley on South Africa's very own Gilchrist: Quinton de Kock! Imagine you were a bowler a decade ago and were asked to open the bowling the next day. Imagine that Adam Gilchrist was holding the bat at the other end. I can guarantee that you would either have nightmares simply hearing his name or spend a sleepless … Continue reading South Africa’s very own Gilchrist

Temba Bavuma – South Africa’s Little Dynamite

A Piece for HoldingWilley on South Africa's little dynamite Temba Bavuma! More than physicality, cricket is a game of will, skill and technique. Legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar have proved that height and physical stature matter least in cricket and that these things don’t stop a player from scaling monumental heights as long as they have the will … Continue reading Temba Bavuma – South Africa’s Little Dynamite

England in a spin

A Piece for HoldingWilley on England's recent problems dealing with spin bowling. It takes blood and sweat for any overseas team to win a Test match in Asia nowadays. The task becomes almost impossible when they are up against a quality spin-bowling side, like India, and the non-Asian side have a history of succumbing to quality spin bowling units. However, … Continue reading England in a spin