Hello Reader! What brings you here?

Oh Yes!

May be you enjoyed reading my endless rants on the game of Cricket and hence you are curious to know me a bit. So here it goes..

My name, as you already know by now, is Prasenjit Dey and I hail from Kolkata-‘The City of Joy’.

Being an IT professional by the day and a Cricket writer by the night, I can relate myself a lot to the dual life of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Although I am neither a billionaire like Wayne nor I have those fancy techs like Batman, I try to make a difference with my knowledge of Cricket and endless words on the nitty-gritty details of the game.

Multiple Online Publications have carried my opinion to date and those fortunate websites include the likes of:











Writing is something that I can’t live without and so I always take some time out from my busy schedule to express my love for the game. I Hope you had a good read! Keep Visiting! You can follow my work on twitter @Prosen02